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Location Dronten

CAH Vilentum is a University of Applied Sciences, situated in the centre of the Netherlands. Formerly a part of the North Sea, the present Polder province of Flevoland. The programmes enable professionals to prepare for their careers in the knowledge domains of agriculture, area development and innovation, food, horticulture, agribusiness and animal science. The University has a staff of 95 lecturers.

At the University about 1.800 students prepare for their careers, with an increasing number of international students. Each year about 150 international students train in the English-language degree courses, offered in close co-operation with business, universities and research institutes worldwide.

The international programmes are extremely varied, with students from Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. The courses train for a Bachelor degree and combine both theoretical and practical training. To prepare students for their future career, a full-time traineeship in a middle management job is part of every course. During this traineeship you will proof your scientific and academic expertise in researching, writing and defending an Ingenieur Thesis relevant to the sector.


Practice is one of the main concepts in all CAH Vilentum courses. The University uses the educational model of competency based education. We teach students to develop professional products like for example an export plan for an exporter in tulip bulbs, perform a food safety audit in meat processing unit or write a policy plan for the rural area in a mountain region in Italy. A close cooperation with both private enterprises as well as the public sector are the basis for our cooperation, inviting professionals of external organisations to guest lectures, be involved in the assessment of students or provide input for the (re-)design of our modules.

Student enterprises 

The University also provides opportunities for students to run an enterprise in their field of education. At the University farm students can run their own student enterprises where they can practice their farm management skills in rearing pigs, sheep or poultry. The University farm is a state-of-the-art agricultural production unit that also contains dairy and arable sections which are managed on a commercial basis. A greenhouse is located on campus where students in horticulture run their own enterprise. The students are responsible for the complete process from selection of the products they want to grow to marketing of the products.

New building

June 2012 the University moved to a new building in Dronten. The construction work started in February 2011. The striking university building is situated on the same campus area as the present CAH Vilentum building. The university building with a variety of education and accommodation facilities is integrated in a ‘greenhouse’ with an innovative climate control system. The complete design is the realisation of a unique sustainability achievement, not only in terms of energy, building material and waste disposal but also in the field of a comfortable living environment. 

The University’s new building is designed by BDG Architecten Ingenieurs Zwolle in association with Cauberg- Huygen Raadgevende Ingenieurs BV and is a role model for the achievement of the integration of rural and urban and the essential role of the green sector in contemporary society. The construction work is being carried out by the building contactors Friso BV, Burgers Ergon BV and Thermoflor Bright Buildings.

CAH Vilentum, location Dronten

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CAH Vilentum University of Applied Sciences
De Drieslag 4
8251 JZ Dronten
The Netherlands